The Walker brings fantasy warfare to VR

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Coming Soon Winking Entertainment

Winner of Sony’s China Hero Project

The Best VR Game in 2017 Golden Plume Award

The Walker is based in a time where traditional Chinese culture is on the crossroads of modernization. The game combines the ancient Chinese art of exorcism, with modern weapons and equipment.



Players become exorcists with the ability to use Chinese paper Talismans, and battle against various monsters and demons in order to protect the city.

Demonic Armies

Stand alone against descendants of Fangxiang with swordsmanship and sorcery

Modern horror

Step into historic Shanghai to meet myth and magic in a survival horror

Infuse weapons

Use various weapons and special powers in memorable quests and epic boss battles

Live up to your lineage

Use perks and charms to destroy all in your way

Coming Soon

Coming Soon


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