The Ultimate VR Collection

The Ultimate VR Collection

5 amazing games: The Ultimate VR Collection is the biggest ever collection of VR games at retail. Five great games on one disc at a fantastic price.

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From Ninja Theory, creators of Heavenly Sword and DmC: Devil May Cry comes DEXED. An on-rails VR shooter where DEXterity is a must.

From the critically acclaimed studio, Climax comes Bandit 6 Combined Arms. 2 games in 1. Combining all the action of being a tail gunner in WW2 and fighting with stationary turrets on beachheads in Bandit 6 Salvo.

Unearthing Mars is a VR adventure game set on the mysterious Red Planet. Fight, drive, experience a spaceflight simulation and much, much more.

Fated is an immersive game with stunning visuals, showcasing the best that VR has to offer. Fated has a strong story-driven, narrative experience that focuses on emotion.

With both single and Multiplayer (2-4) mode, Korix is a fan favourite and is one of the only PSVR real-time strategy games.



Five Great Games

Bolster your VR library right out of the box!

Diverse Genres

Shooters, Adventures, and Puzzles, there’s something for everyone.}

Fantastic Price

A great price for some of the best PSVR games on the market!


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