We love VR. And we love choice. Which is kind of why we exist. A lot of people love games in boxes. Owning, holding the box. And we think those people should have the chance to buy their favourite games in a box. We work with top, top developers and put as many PSVR games into boxes as we possibly can, to give you that choice.” Read more about us, who we are and what makes us tick.

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Perp is not new. We have been doing stuff for many years. Since 2011 to be precise. Helping some of the world’s largest players in the games industry get that little bit larger.  Whether you love racing games, sports games, family games, horror, or simply storing your precious files on cool USB sticks; maybe we have been involved along the way, helping in the journey to bring great products into your life.

We have had the privilege of working with large, small, well known and not so well known companies across the world and we don’t take this lightly.  Here is a small example of the companies we have worked with:


Perp Games

We love games. Some of us are even quite good at some games.   But even the ones we are no good at, we still love them. To be honest, if we were talented we would probably try to develop them. But for now, that is but a pipe dream.

We love the care and the dedication developers put into their products.   We love the fact that developers are sharing their dreams and their vision with the world and we want to help them.  We are not looking for partners who’s sole aim is to become rich and famous.  We are looking for people with pride in their work and a desire to see people’s lives enriched because of their creation.

We worry about the small, horrible, but necessary stuff that needs worrying about, to be able to release a game.  By doing so, we make sure the developers are doing what they are good at – making amazing games.

You see, we don’t like the idea of a game not finding a good home.   So our dream is to help developers get their games known.

Of course, we would love you to buy the games as well, but that is up to you.  As long as you know about the games and why we think they are great to play, then we are very happy.

Key Contacts


Like a bizarre cross between Robin Thicke and Simon Cowell, Rob has the singing ability of one and the commercial ability of the other. For all those who know Tommy Cooper’s Stradivarius violin joke, you will know what is coming next…

Rob is a natural leader and has spent many, many years working at some of the top global brands such as Levis, Capcom, THQ and Electronic Arts working his way up through the sales departments to Directorship level.   All that experience was needed many years ago when Rob set up Perpetual-Europe, helping his clients achieve extraordinary results.  Rob is the MD here at Perp games and is putting all his skills and knowledge to good use running the company.


Taunted at a recent football match for being a ‘fat’ Jurgen Klopp, Mickey is currently on a health kick. Still some debate in the Torode household as to whether chips count as part of the ‘5’ a day? Can often be seen sitting under an old oak tree in Richmond Park after a gruelling 15 min walk, planning and thinking out strategy. Or just sleeping.

Mickey has a wealth of experience and knowledge from marketing and brand building, management, licensing and Business Development at companies such as Ubisoft, Sega, THQ, Capcom and Team17. All of these skills and knowledge are used to make sure that Perp Games work with top development talent and that you get to play and experience the great creations they develop.


What can be said about Jamie that hasn’t already be written?  Admittedly by him on Linked In, but when was self publicly a bad thing.   

Jamie is our leading sales man.   He opens the doors, does the hard work, makes the deals and ensures that when you walk into your favourite store or browse on-line you find Perp Games.  I am not sure there is a more important job out there.


Describes herself as an ‘Operations’ Specialist. And it’s true. In all our years playing, we have never heard the buzzer or seen Sam’s nose light up red during her go.

But when she is not playing kid’s board games, Gabi can be found neck deep in schedules and spreadsheets. Her years of experience in scheduling, logistics, managing deadlines and working with Sony, Nintendo and Microsoft to ensure release schedules are met, means you get to play your favourite games as soon as humanly possible.