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We are people who have spent too much of our life on the dark side. Dirty stuff such as working for the industry giants marketing video games, selling games, things like Distribution and even Licensing game IP to make crazy stuff like T-Shirts or board games.

Now we have broken free and are on a mission to find young carefree and innocent developers and suck them into our world.  No, sorry, help them realise their dreams. Yes, that’s right, help them, not suck the life out of them.

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You’d better have carved pumpkins and buckets of sweets at the ready because Halloween is right around the corner! And to celebrate this terrifying annual tradition, Perp Gam...

Perp Games are kicking November off in style with the release of Unearthing Mars 2: The Ancient War from Winking Entertainment!   Following on from Unearthing Mars which can be fo...

Torn is the next game to get the physical treatment from Perp Games and it releases in EU territories on October 26th. Ahead of time, here’s an inside look into the game, som...

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