About Perp

We are people who have spent too much of our life on the dark side. Dirty stuff such as working for the industry giants marketing video games, selling games, things like Distribution and even Licensing game IP to make crazy stuff like T-Shirts or board games.

Now we have broken free and are on a mission to find young carefree and innocent developers and suck them into our world.  No, sorry, help them realise their dreams. Yes, that’s right, help them, not suck the life out of them.

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Cool Stuff

Sometimes we do more than games and these little beauties excited us so much we just had to work with them.


Find out what’s happening in the world of Perp

Perp Games and Wales Interactive are delighted to announce that Time Carnage will come to retail first in Europe on April 6th, 2018 for Playstation VR. Perp Games and Wales Interac...

A new article on The Next Web looks at 5 different virtual reality trends we need to look out for in 2018. The industry itself is expected to be worth up to $5.2 billion in 2018 an...

Samurai Punk have confirmed that The American Dream will be lighting up Playstation 4 and PC next week on March 14. The American Dream will take you through a satirical trip in a 1...

Playstation VR has been out since October 2016 and has already seen over two million sales. In it’s short time on the market, there are over 100 releases with another 130 due...

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